Beautiful Lawn Collection By Dawood Lawns

Alishan Krinkle Lawn 14Dawood Lawns is a very beautiful lawns colllection in fashion industry.

These collection are known by brand of dawood name that is Alishan Krinkle

Lawn vol 2.

Dawood Textile has many brand products in cloth industry,this is very

beautiful lawn collection.

Dawood Textile is very famous name and was come in fashion about 1968.

Dawood Textile exports the home textile and have well reputation in local

market and also in international market.

Dawood Textile has aim to provide the best quality in materials and beautiful

design in according the fashion 9industry.

These beautiful lawns collection is in three piece suit with chiffon duppta,and

selvees arm and neck and with beautiful lawn shirt and shalwar.

In these collection very beautiful out stunning color ids use.

here some many beautiful collection is given below about Alishan Krinkle

Lawn vol 02.

Our Main products are 100% cotton, Polyester and Blended fabrics in Grey, Bleached, Dyed & printed forms.

For delivery and contact address,
7 Km, Sargodha Road, Near Haji Camp.
Faisalabad. Pakistan
Tel: +92 41 8812346-48
Fax: +92 41 8812360
E.Mail Us:

Customer can also purchase collection on B&F boutique that is online.


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