Beautiful Sana & Samia Lawn Collection By Lala Textile

LalaThis is very beautiful lawn dress.

sana & samia is brand of lala textile industry.

Lala textile is the name of brilliant discovering of fashion clothes.

In these lawn collection very beautiful mix color which makes the customer outstanding and unique.

These dress can use in party dress and casual in evening parties.

Lala textile was firstly made in 1947 but in fashion trading it come about 39

years ago in 1972.

Lala is give the customer products in best material and best quality.

Lala textile has its four popular brand,La Femme, Sana & Samia, Kesa & Lala

Classic which are very famous in new brand fashion.

These dress collection have both front and back sides photos for customer.

These are avail in many beautiful color which makes the customer

outstanding and shining.

Lala Textile brand has today grown to encompass four diverse retail brands

providing accessible summer; midsummer and winter fabric ranges to ladies

across Pakistan.

Currently Lala is available nationwide in all leading cities of Pakistan and their

lines, collections and brands are known for its versatility of design and price

range, ensuring the brand is always accessible to a large diversity of women.

In these collection customer look in unique style and in affordable,and

outstanding color.

here many beautiful dress given below please see it ,

For further any detail and inquiry please contact on this,


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