Beautiful Dress Collection By Madiha Noman

Madhia NomanMadhia Noman is the famous name of Karachi fashion designer that shows the

highest standard in designing the clothing.

Madhia Noman introduced her fashion boutique i 2002 for every taste of

fashion for women.

Madhia Noman is the name of elite fashion scene,that emphasis is on the right

combination of colors, delicate embellishments unique embroidery and

variety of fabrics including silk, net, tissue, gorgettes and chiffon.

Madhia Noman collection is dip in fusion of  different culture fashion.

Madhia Noman show a very beautiful dress that can be use in a party dress.

This party dress is very beautiful embroider.

Madiha Noman creation captures in their richness intricacy and attention to


Madhia Noman collection is preceded by intense research so that every piece

is as much a deception of art as it is of culture. Her work also shows fusion

collection of east & west.

Madhia Noman also have many beautiful dress collection giving below here,

Mahia Noman products are,

Bridal, Formal & Casual Clothing

customer can order on this address,

Pakistan – Madiha Noman:
Canada – Nida Qadri:
US – Faiza Ahmed:

Customer can also contact on this no,


An official website is ,


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