New Beautiful Dresses Collection Launches By R. Hajra

R hajra

This is a very beautiful bridal dress.

very beautiful work is doing on this dress.

This s a specially made for pretty women looking stylish.

R Hajra is a famous name in producing the beautiful collection of dress for women.

R Hajra make the latest dress according the customer demand and in economically budget.

R Hajra create each and every dress in any size that is giving by customer.

R Hajra also help the customer to choose the best style color and best design bu company designer.

R Hajra give cuts and designs according to the requirement , what you want

wether eastern or western and orders are placed maximum 15 days before.

R Hajra was found since 2010.

R Hajra has many beautiful design giving here,

R Hajra location is,

Karachi, Pakistan

R Hajra products are

casual as well as formal ,


R Hajra address that customer can order this,


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