OGRA propsal to increase in gas tariffs






Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority(OGRA) recommended to increased

gas rates per unit for all categories.

Domestic level gas charges increases 6.14 per MMBTU for 100 units,12.28

per MMBTU for 300 units, 30 per MMBTU upto 300 units per moth.

For mosques, churches and seminaries gas price-hikes have been

recommended in the range of Rs30 to Rs430 per MMBTU.

Gas tariffs for army mess, private educational institutions,

government,semi-government offices besides hospitals would also

shoot up.

Similarly, for commercial customers the price-hike has been

recommended by Rs48 per MMBTU, for Tandoors by Rs6.48, for ice factory

by Rs48 and for the industries by Rs39.38 per MMBTU.

For CNG gas price increase by Rs51.87 per MMBTU, for cement factories by

Rs59, for fertilizer factories by Rs9.25, for government and private

power houses by Rs39 per MMBTU have been recommended.

This will be recommended from January 2013.



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