New collection of chester bernard T Shirt


                                                                                                                                                         CHESTER  BERNARD is most popular Company for t shirt collection in


Established in 2003, Chester Bernard is a shirt company that boasts of the
largest collection of shirts in Pakistan under one roof.
It began with a simple vision; to manufacture the most luxurious shirts, hand-crafted to perfection.
In 2005, the  flagship store opened on Zamzama Boulevard
Karachi, Pakistan. The store carries the “nest of fabrics” both rare and sought after in design,
 and colour in varieties ranging from 100% Egyptian cotton, Pima, Supima and Boski silkl.
Nothing compares to investing and dressing in bespoke. Chester Bernard has a large part of its activities involved in custom order shirts.
We do bespoke orders for clients as well recreate any type of shirt a client may send us.
The company prides itself with catering to high end orders from all over the world, paying special attention to the highest quality and design requirements.
Furthermore, we also makes shirts for multinationals as exclusive gifts for foreign conferences with company designed logos and packaging.
Chester Bernard exhibits all the characteristics of perfect craftsmanship and quality, providing luxury that lasts a lifetime.
The company recently celebrated the opening of its second store on M.M.
Alam Road in Lahore and continues to be a success story.

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